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This is a list of additions to the site, with the latest at the top:

1/21/07I finally decided to dismantle and fix the dead odometer from my 1989 90 Quattro.
7/12/03Off comes the intake manifold of my 90 Quattro so I can check (and replace) the fuel injectors and install some nice new silent valve lifters.
6/22/03I am brutally suffering in order to get fine sounds along with a complete black leather interior into my 90
5/26/03A list of all the Audis I have owned
12/2/02A report and photos on my 90Q broken strut housing adventure.
10/3/02A bit of information about the factory fog lights provided for the type 85
8/13/02I added a clearer little file describing how to support this site. Thank you.
8/8/02The "platform" explanation and overview I have had hidden somewhere for years.
4/13/02Put a bunch of work into the engine specifications file, which still has a long way to go.
4/11/02Wrote a quick file about re-keying lock cylinders so you can use your old key with a new door handle, etc.
4/8/02Discovered I had a better picture of a windage tray being installed, so I re-created a file to display it!
4/7/02Severely mutilated the site, using a slightly narrower display setup to make printing easier, among other things. Hope nothing major broke!
4/5/02Added to the poor running checklist, although it will never be "complete."
2/17/02A simple headlight relay diagram and instructions
2/17/02An attempt at a simplified overview of the vacuum line system used in CIS-E cars
12/22/01Pneumatic power locks - single door master and dual master systems
11/17/01Fifteen year service interval requirements for the 4000 Quattro
11/15/01Tricky Tips - a collection of mailing list goodies
11/12/01Removing and dismantling the 90 Quattro instrument cluster to replace the clock
9/10/01I stole the sales figure table from audiworld and tried to make it prettier!
8/28/01Control arm bushing removal tool with pictures
6/7/01Timing belt and water pump, radiator, and cam cover gasket replacement in the 90Q
4/18/01Power steering rack replacement
4/18/01Finished my Speedline wheel "restoration" and mounted them.
Also, a photo of the car as it is now.
3/24/01Moving a 4000 Quattro battery to the trunk
3/21/01more rebuild (IV, V) and upgrade (II, III) photos
3/3/01Upgrading a 4000 Quattro engine (I)
2/27/01Redesigned the image index to use thumbnails
2/8/01Two more days of engine rebuild work (II, III)
2/7/01Uploaded the partly built fastener and torque data
2/6/01Started adding complexity to my troubleshooting CIS-E file
1/24/01Random text and photos of engine building (I)
1/19/01Five cylinder head and block photos
1/13/01Pictures and story: strut bar in the 90Q
1/9/01pictures of my new fuel tray in the 90Q
1/7/01Added some text and photos about type 89 wheels/brakes
1/4/01Cleaned up main index and created a new disclaimer file
1/3/01Repositioning power seats in the 90
12/31/00Documented Eurolight installation in my 90Q
12/18/00Redid a lot of the photo directory functioning - and I got rid of a lot of files that used to hold just one picture, so they may have to be looked for here.
12/14/00Drew the circuit diagram for combined park and turn signals
11/24/00Thermostat replacement, coolant gauge issues
11/15/00A little bit of info about synthetic oils
11/13/00Wrote ISV text to go with the pictures (and added this update log!)
11/6/00Added a lot of goodies to the Swappe Shoppe
11/5/00Rewrote main index for the javascript-disabled
11/5/00After working all weekend on the "Broken Camshaft" logo, I made a flashy new graphic for this site as well!
10/27/00 Babbled at varying length regarding the 90Q:
  • express power windows
  • short shift mod
  • cupholders
  • wheels and brakes
  • strut tower bracing
  • exhaust systems
  • 10/14/00Details and photos of my 90 Quattro
    10/10/00Wrote instructions on opening up the inside of type 89 doors
    10/10/00Added to the hood cable repair file to reflect Brendan's successful rebuild of his spring arm assemblies. I think.
    Oct 2000Changed main index to reduce clutter (and navigability!)
    Oct 2000Made a place in my life for the Type 89 Audi