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"Both my door locks don't work. I've got 2 new lock cylinders, carriers, and lockrings. Is there a write up on how to change the old tumblers in the old lock cylinder to the new one?"

There is now:

I've done this more on the old ("outie") style door handles, but I it is very similar on the flush door handles.

When the handle is out, it should be apparent that one screw will release the cylinder assembly. Upon removal, the tumblers will all sort of stick out different distances, with little springs behind them. there should be enough gooey lube there to stop them from flying away, but be careful anyway.

Take notes as you disassemble, to make it easier. replace the "new" tumblers with your old ones in the same order. I actually once managed to use all new tumblers, since I had enough lying around to match all the old ones (there are really only three "kinds" of them)

Once the cylinder is reassembled, inserting your key should cause all the tumblers that are sticking out different amounts to pull in so they are all flush with the cylinder. That's what allows you to turn it with the key in. Then put them back in the door handles.

This is a very easy job with the door handles out - which is, of course, when you would tend to want to do it, to avoid having a two (or three, or four...) key car. The process is similar for glovebox and trunk lock assemblies, and I imagine even the ignition lock could be reqorked like this, but might be tougher to open up.

For detailed information on removing/repairing/replacing flush door handles, including alarm function details and replacing the pot metal lock arm with the newer stamped part, go to Chris Miller's web site (opens site with frames), click on "repair index" and scroll down to the "50 - Body" section until you ge to "Front Door Lock Repair" (opens file without frames).

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