Sponsored by HUMAN Speakers Strut Tower Brace RETURN

This is the OEM brace that goes on a 92 Coupe Quattro (or something like that). This is how I installed it on my 1989 90 Quattro.

This bar also fits the earlier, type 85 (4000/Coupe) cars as well. I used a Jamex bar on my Coupe.

Parts used:
DescriptionQuantityPart NumberPrice
Bar18A0 805 645 A34.95
Left bracket18A0 805 635 B14.18
Right bracket18A0 805 636 B14.18
Bar end caps28A0 805 9631.65
New strut tower covers2893 412 375 A2.25
plastic speed nuts4171 201 9692.10

This photograph shows where the end brackets will be mounted. I have already cut back the side of the battery tray a bit to clear the new brackets.

The strut tower cover, lock nut, and dished washer thing have to be removed, they go on top of the new brackets later.



These three photos show how I prepared the area for welding. I drilled several holes in the brackets first, to weld through. I test fitted them, marking the locations of the holes (right). Then I circled the area to clean up (below left). Then I ground away the paint in those places (below right).2


After carefully aligning the brackets with the bar lightly tightened to them, and covering the surrounding areas to protect from sparks, the welding has been done successfully (right). Dave did such a nice job his work makes the factory hood strut weld look sloppy!5
(left) Showing the tight clearance over the battery and coil. It pays to carefully test fit everything before committing to a custom project!

Finally, finished and capped. You will note that the two battery wires are "just long enough" to make it to their home neatly.
finishedcruise bracket
(above) What I did to the cruise control pump bracket - flattened out the top bend, and bent it about 3/4" lower.

A view of the neglected drivers side bracket shows the tight clearances for the cruise control pump.

the other side

Dave and I discussed how much impact this bar might have while installing it, and I agree with his opinion that it might not be very necessary. On this car, the towers are solidly attached to the firewall, which is a great big piece of steel keeping them aligned. It may also be a factor that these cars seem to stay "solid" longer than the type 85, making this improvement less noticeable. It certainly did not make the radical changes in steering response and feel that were so noticeable, on my Coupe and Brendan's 4000 Quattro.

But it was fun to install, inexpensive, cool looking, and provides a useful place to rest my hand when leaning over the engine compartment.