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"Day one"

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We are going to put a freshly rebuilt NF code 2.3 liter engine in this tired old 4000 Quattro, since it has a broken exhaust manifold stud.

Now, normally the engine is lifted up and out, banging up the center support, or lowered with the tranny, banging up the technicians. We have decided, in the interest of minimising my labor and maximising my fun, to remove the engine from the front of this car.

OK, there are things in the way. Metal things. We can fix that. This is your last chance to stop me...

That was not so difficult, now was it?

This place where I cut into the harness didn't even go in as far as the wires.

You don't even need most of these wires, really!

This thing will bolt right up when we're done. Just trust me, I've never done this before, but if it works, I mean, when it works, I'll do it to my Coupe!

Piece of cake.

Can I cut the radiator out now? It's in the way too...

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