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Brendan's '87 4000Q has a busted exhaust manifold stud. So, of course, this means his car needs a rebuilt NF code 2.3 liter engine transplanted into it. I am not going to explain how to rebuild an engine here, it's in the manuals... all I am going to do is present various photographs of the process that show our "progress."

Go look at the pictures of the raw cleaned block and head - Now!

Here is an angle view of the head...

...and the polished crankshaft, fresh from the machine shop and still in its pod.

I wish I had taken a picture of Brendan scrubbing his pistons with a toothbrush - all you will see,later in this file, are the nice shiny faces he made for them. After he prettied them up and swapped the rings, he forced me to assemble them to the gudgeon pins and connecting rods. We put them aside and turned to engine stand...

I guess we had to start bolting things back onto the block. "I took this apart and there are way more parts now!"

(left) The upper crank shells are in and the crank is resting in its home.
(above) The lower shells and caps are in.
(below) The connecting rod big ends are done.

A view at this point from the top - lookee, the pistons go up and down when I turn the crank!

Head gasket in place...

...head bolted on...

...new lifters are installed and the (broken) camshaft is bolted on.

Time to quit for today!