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Another day, another skinned knuckle...

"> > The manifold stud (and one loose) is missing on the #5 on my 86 4kq.
> > Is this a major fix and are there any special tricks to fixing this?
> > Is it just as well to pull the head and fix them all?
> The best way to fix this is to get an NF 2.3 engine and rebuild it.
> Then swap it in.

That sounds familiar...."

Two gaskets and a windage tray make it ready for the oil pan:

Another angle, showing the rear crank seal flange:

Mr. Hands at play, tightening those 24 oil pan bolts:

The oil pan is on and the engine is turned the right way up again, sort of:

The head with its new exhaust manifold studs installed using red Loctite:

And with the exhaust manifold gaskets "guessed" into place:

Oh, Mr. Hands is happy with the fitment!

And due to the lack of appropriate washers, another hard day's night comes to a close...