Sponsored by HUMAN Speakers Engine Specifications RETURN

Five cylinder engines mostly. Not responsible for accuracy of content.

Currently sorted alphanumerabetically, I may change to chronological. Yup, got bored and sorted by date of introduction.

Column codes:
EC=engine code; B=bore mm; S=stroke mm; CR=compression ratio (:1); V=number of valves;
T=turbo Y/N; C=catalyst Y/N; O=oxygen sensor Y/N;

Valve timing, in degrees:
IO=inlet open; IC=inlet close; EO=exhaust open; EC=exhaust close
AT=after top dead center; AB=after bottom dc; BB=before bottom dc; BT=before top dc

ECYears builtccHP SAEkWPS DIN RPMTorq. /rpmBSCRVValve timing:
IO - IC - EO - EC
WE80 832144100~~5100110 250079.586.48106 BT40 AB47 BB1 ATKTSZ-H92NYY

WN80 831.92~~~~~ ~79.577.4101010 BT36 AB45 BB3 AT2B5TSZ-H98NNN

WH82.08 84.071.9~741005600150 480079.577.4101010 AT36 AB40 BB3 BTKeihinTSZ-H98NNN

WC82.08 84.072144~1001365700180 300079.586.49.3100 BT51 AB40 BB10 ATKVEZ98NNN

WU83.08 86.072144~771055500152 320079.586.48.2101.5 AT38.7 AB41.5 BB1.3 BTKTSZ-H91NYY

KG83.08 88.012144~1341825700252 350079.586.48.8104 BT36 AB42 BB6 BTKVEZ98YNN

JY83.08 88.012144~1341825700252 360079.586.48.8104 BT36 AB42 BB6 BTKVEZ98YNN

KH83.08 86.072144~1041415500202 300079.586.48.3101.5 AT38.7 AB41.5 BB1.3 BTKTSZ-H91YYY

JT84-872226115~~5500126 300081.086.48.5101.5 BT38.7 AB41.5 BB1.3 BTKE~~NYY

HX84.08 87.122309~1011385700185 ~8186.410100 BT41 AB40 BB1 BTKTSZ-H98NNN


KP84.08 90.112068~851155200170 36008177.410101 BT37 AB37 BB1 BTKTSZ-H98NNN

KU84.08 90.112309~1011385700185 30008186.410?0 BT41 AB40 BB1 BTKTSZ-H98NNN

KX84 872226110~~5500122 25008186.48.510~~~~KETSZ-H91NYY


KZ84.08 86.092226~851155700165 35008186.48.5102 BT39 AB42 BB1 BTKETSZ-H91NYY

PX85.08 88.072226~881205600172 40008186.48.5101.5 BT38.7 AB41.5 BB1.3 ATKETSZ-H91NYY

SL86.02 87.122~831135200165 40008177.410102 BT31 AB31 BB2 ATKEVEZ95YYN

MC86.06 88.1022261571211655500166 30008186.47.8100 BT41 AB40 BB1 BTKVEZ95YYY
88.11 90.11177 30008.44 BT41 AB46 BB5 BT

NF86.08 90.1123091301001365600140 400082.586.410100 BT41 AB40 BB1 BTKE3VEZ95NYY

NG87.10 89.0423091301001365700140 450082.586.410100 BT41 AB40 BB1 BTKE3VEZ95NYY
89.05 ~4 BT41 AB46 BB5 BT

RT88.01 90.112~851155400172 34008177.410?2 BT31 AB31 BB2 ATK/KETSZ-H

1B88.02 90.112226~1472005800270 25008186.48.6?0 AT41 AB40 BB1 ATKVEZ98YNN

2B88.02 90.112226~1401905800270 30008186.48.6?0 AT41 AB40 BB1 ATKVEZ98YNN

7A88.04 ~23091621256000162 450082.586.410206 BT38 AB42 BB3 BTMPI95NYY

3B90.05 90.1122262171622205700228 19508186.49.3203 BT25 AB42 BB9 BTMot.Mot.95YYY


RR~~220~~5500228 1950~~9.320~~~~~~95Y~~

WR~~200~~5800213 3500~~~10~~~~~~~Y~~

2.13306~~6700258 195079.386.4820~~~~Mot.Bosch digital~YN~