Sponsored by HUMAN Speakers Repositioning power seats
on the Audi 90

Ok, I've got short legs! I found myself running the power seats on my 90 all the way to the front and still not getting much lower back support, so I figured I would move the forward mounting points up a couple of inches to give me some room to work with. Here is how I did it:

The mounting foot of the seat with the plastic cover (right) and the mounting bolt removed.

To remove the plastic cover you reach into the gap and push down on the tab, pulling forward with the tab depressed.

Here is the tool I used:

This picture shows my extension brackets bolted in place, with some spacers so the seat foot will clear the extra bolt head.
The seat has now been bolted down to the new holes in my brackets.
My brackets are actually Coupe GT trunk hinge backing plates: