Sponsored by HUMAN Speakers Windage Tray
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There is usually a plastic piece of junk, like this, to help keep the oil at the pickup tube inlet on our five cylinder engines.

But what you really want is a slick 20v windage tray like this one:

It should be trimmed to match the outer edge of the oil pan and gasket, since those funky looking "ears" will interfere with the correct installation of the "engine to transmission damper" - the thing that covers the lower front of the flywheel.

Here is one being installed on an engine stand (the easy way!).

As you see, it requires two new oil pan gaskets, and the oil pickup must be removed and reinstalled, meaning you need a new gasket for that, too.

What is this thing for? It is supposed to stop the crankshaft from "winding" the oil up out of the pan, I guess. it really does help keep it down there on hard corners, eliminating those spooky "oil buzzer" events.