Sponsored by HUMAN Speakers Gear Type Power Windows
in an Audi Coupe - photos!

Fitting a Type 43 (1980-1983 Audi 5000) window regulator to Type 85 (Audi Coupe in this case) front doors:

This is something I did myself a few years ago, as detailed in the power windows file. I have since installed used units from other coupes to my satisfaction. However, good used units can be hard to find, and can be expensive - as are the original new replacements. There are some aftermarket units but some have found them to be slower than desired.

David Ritter (dritter@mich.com) just did this same installation recently on his Coupe, and was thoughtful enough to take a few photographs. Here I present the ones that tell the story best. I get quite a sense of deja vu from these photographs, since we did it exactly the same way!

This photograph is of the Type 43 front window regulator. Note the gear drive, quite different from the cable drive used in later models. Arrow (A) points to the bracket that attaches directly to the glass. These can take quite some time to remove from the glass, but must be used as the bolt spacings are different as I recall.

A vintage type 43 Audi 5000 power window regulator

This shows the motor end of the assembly, mounted using two of the original mounting holes.

Mounting the motor end

Here is the most complicated view. This shows the mounting of the other end of the regulator assembly, bolted to a hole (C) drilled a bit below one that is already in the door (B). Placement of this hole is important to get the window to slide up and down neatly in its tracks. Arrows (A) indicate the way the regulator arm must be spaced away from the window bracket in order to set the glass at the correct angle.

Mounting the track end and window bracket

Thank you David for the pictures!