Sponsored by HUMAN Speakers Control Arm Bushings
with almost no special tools

Installing the early style bushingsRemoving the late style bushings
and installation photosand photos of tool and use (k)

No special tools:

simple tools required...

It's easy to press the bushing into this 2" piece of PVC with a vise because it opens up as the bushing goes in - with a little help from a screwdriver.

getting first side of bushing into pvc tool

The second side is pushed in, till the bushing is centered, using a socket.

socket pushing bushing into pvc

When both sides of the bushing are in, I use a hose clamp with help from the vise to squish (tm) it closed tight.

tightening pvc with hose clamp

Make sure not to pinch the edges of the bushing - I used a screwdriver to push the bulging edge in as I went.

pushing in the bulges

When the hose clamp is closed it should look like this:

bushing in closed pvc tool

Then I made another tool like the first, only 1.25" long, to go around the inside of the control arm's hole flange.

pvc tool for back side of control arm

Place into the arbor press (I'm sure a vise would work...) and push hard keeping everything centered.

bushing setup to press in

Did I say "Yippee" yet?

finished product

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